Commercial/Public Sector

New Commercial/Public Sector

· Room Integrity Testing (to NFPA 2001, 2015 edition by Retrotec Level-3 Certified Testers)

· Test entire building envelope for air leakage (Door Fan Test)

· Building Envelope Leakage Testing of high-rises, warehouses, multi-family housing and large    retail buildings in compliance with:

  • ASTM E-779-10
  • USACE 
  • Many Canadian and European Standards

· Air sealing of all the above during construction

Existing Commercial/Public Sector

· Analysis of the performance of a building’s air barrier (building envelope) by testing and visual inspection followed up with a written report 

· Testing of existing high-rises, warehouses, multi-family housing and large retail buildings

· Air sealing of existing rooms and buildings to comply with stated performance goals or standards

· Air sealing of converted and repurposed rooms and buildings 

· Recommendations on additional improvements

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