Q: What is a door fan test?

A: A way to measure the leakage of an enclosure using a large calibrated fan temporarily installed in a doorway of the room or building to be tested and a pressure sensing device to measure the pressure created by the fan flow.

Q: Who needs to have a door fan test?    

A: There are many reasons to consider having a door fan test conducted in an industrial setting. The first is if you are having a clean agent fire suppression system installed somewhere on-site. Not only is it important to know if the air leakage is low enough to have a sufficient hold time for the clean agent after discharge, it is also important to know whether a pressure relief vent is needed and, if so, what size. 

The next reason is for mandated shelters-in-place. Whether federally mandated or company mandated shelters-in-place should be taken very seriously as the health and safety of your workers may be on the line and the only certain way to determine if your shelter-in-place facility is air tight is by administering a door fan test. 

There are many other reasons including determining the energy efficiency/cost savings of a structure, deciding how much sealing needs to be done to ensure a structure is free of dust, mold and unwanted insects and vermin.