New Industrial

· Room Integrity Testing (to NFPA 2001, 2015 edition by Retrotec Level-3 Certified Testers)

· Test entire building envelope for air leakage (Door Fan Test)

· Building Envelope Leakage Testing of Shelters In-Place, Server Rooms, Electrical Rooms, and    other sensitive areas in compliance with:

  • ASTM E-779-10
  • USACE 
  • Many Canadian and European Standards

· Air sealing of all the above during construction

Existing Industrial

· Analysis of the performance of a building’s air barrier (building envelope) by testing and visual    inspection followed up with a written report 

· Testing of existing Shelters-In-Place, Server Rooms, Electrical Rooms, and other sensitive rooms

· Air sealing of existing rooms to comply with stated performance goals or standards

· Air sealing of converted and repurposed rooms

· Recommendations on additional improvements


In the fire protection industry, I have known and worked with Greg at Entergis Testing & Sealing for years, utilizing his services to help seal and protect my client’s facilities. I have always found Entergis and staff to be willing and capable to work with us in the industrial sector, to provide valued engineered solutions to meet our needs. The survey and service quality have been second to none and the skills and knowledge they bring to our business and industry is second to none. 

In the private sector, when my home flooded in August 2016, Greg reached out and worked with me to seal my home while we were rebuilding. The difference post construction in terms of air conditioning quality, energy savings, and the amount of dust we have, has had a positive impact in our daily lives. 

Working with Greg over the years I have never been steered in the wrong direction and I would recommend Entergis to anyone looking to make improvements to their home or business. 

Thank you, 

Peter J. Delaune, Service Area Manager

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