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Air leakage testing in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana

ETS is a full service air leakage testing and sealing contractor. We offer a wide range of services covering a vast majority of air leakage problems you might encounter from simple air sealing in Baton Rouge to NFPA room integrity testing in Louisiana. We take our job seriously. That is, we take a careful and individual approach to each client and customize a solution to meet any need you might have. ETS is licensed and insured and we hold certifications from a wide variety of sources covering most aspects of air leakage testing and sealing. 



It's all about Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and we can tell you exactly what the ACH of your structure is. Whether it's state code compliance testing for your home, air leakage testing a large commercial building, envelope testing for fire suppression systems, or testing for shelter in-place in a building located in an industrial setting, ETS can meet your needs.



The best time to seal any structure from residential to industrial is during construction and we will gladly meet that need for you. Sometimes, however, you find yourself in the position of having a building that was built before modern codes were in place and you now want or need to seal it. ETS has experience sealing a wide variety of structures.

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