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Air Leakage Testing & Sealing

Entergis Testing and Sealing, LLC offers code-compliant Building Envelope Leakage Testing of shelters-in-place, server rooms, electrical rooms and other sensitive areas. We can test existing buildings or buildings under construction and make recommendations.

Is Your Home Losing Energy?

We will take the time to evaluate your home and come up with a customized solution to stop energy loss. We know how to keep conditioned and unconditioned air where they belong!

Residential & Commercial

We provide services for all types of buildings, including new and existing residential, commercial and industrial properties. Let us help you save money and improve indoor comfort all year long!

Air Leakage Testing Services
About Entergis Testing and Sealing, LLC

At Entergis Testing and Sealing, our mission is to make our customers as comfortable as possible in their home or business, and save them money. We believe in customized solutions so each client gets a unique solution. ETS provides services to customers throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and East Texas.

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Let our expert team test your structure and find ways to save you money and improve indoor comfort all year long.
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