Residential air leakage testing in Baton Rouge

New Residential

· Louisiana state code compliance testing

· Test entire house envelope for air leakage (Door Fan Test, aka Blower Door Test)

· Test each duct system for air leakage (Duct Leakage Test)

· Air sealing house envelope during construction

Existing Residential

Existing houses, though not required by law to be compliant with current Louisiana building code regarding air leakage, can benefit from our services. Improved air-tightness brings along with it improved comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, an improved barrier against pest infiltration and durability of your home. 

Air Leakage Testing and Sealing in Louisiana 

ETS provides:

· General analysis of home performance by testing and visual inspection 

· Air sealing to improve air quality, energy efficiency and reduce insect infestation of the home

· Installation of an optional (highly recommended) Attic Tent

· Recommendations on additional ways to improve your home's performance

· Diagnosis of air leakage related problems via infrared thermography and data loggers

· Test the air flow (in CFM) at the registers and returns of the HVAC system


We had an older home and we were trying to decide if we should remodel and expand or sell and get a new home. Part of that was looking into better insulation and sealing, as we had a lot of air leaks that were letting in dust and pollen and adding to our son's allergy problems. We called Entergis who came out and did a complete air leakage test for us. Greg and his team were able to give us a lot of good advice and with all the information we were able to make the informed decision to sell our home.

Once we bought our new house we called Entergis again and they came and sealed up some air leaks we had. There was nothing huge, but Greg found several big air leaks we would have never known to look for, like under the bathroom sink and behind the dryer. The biggest improvement I saw was in the hallway where the attic access is located. Before Entergis came out you could feel the cold air rushing up into the attic, but after they installed a nice attic door insulator the air stays in the house like it should. This has helped lower our power bill and make the house more comfortable. Plus there is the added benefit that this puts less strain on the A/C unit, meaning we will get more life out of it.

If you are thinking of remodeling, selling, or buying a home you should give Entergis a call.

Josh and Sara Henderson, Baton Rouge, LA


Entergis Testing and Sealing, LLC is our go to company for our energy envelope needs.  When the codes updated, we needed a solution to verify that our product was performing as intended.  Greg and his team were not only prompt and professional, they were affordable.  Furthermore, Greg provided valuable feedback which helped our company, Carroll Construction, LLC, position itself as a leader in creating homes that provide superior energy efficiency.  We highly recommend Entergis Testing and Sealing, LLC.

Best Regards, 

Robert Carroll, Carroll Construction LLC, Baton Rouge, LA

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